Debunking the Four Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Debunking the Four Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Posted by Cascade admin on Oct 29 2019, 10:50 PM

Root canal treatment is often perceived negatively. A lot of people would always disregard this treatment option and would rather endure the pain they experience rather than undergoing root canal treatment. 

However, not all things that most people believed that root canal treatment is all true. Some of the information being tossed around by people came from unreliable sources and rumors. Knowing the truths behind the myths about the root canal are essential. This can help make people understand this treatment more and help them change their views about it. That is why we have prepared a list of myths about root canal treatment that needs to be debunked.

  • Root canal treatment is an extremely painful procedure

Upon hearing the words root canal treatment, people would always tend to imagine horrible and painful scenarios about this procedure. However, that is not true. The pain they feel is caused by an infection and not by the process itself. In fact, root canal treatment is necessary in order to eliminate pain and discomfort. A local anesthetic is administered to the patient before the procedure to numb the affected tooth and its surrounding tissue. Also, the dentist can provide patients with calming medicines such as nitrous oxide to help them relax and calm during the procedure.

  • Extracting the tooth is the better option than having root canal treatment

As much as possible, saving natural teeth is always the best option. When the tooth is damaged or decayed, root canal treatment can be an option in addressing this issue. This is because nothing can replace the look and function of a natural tooth. Tooth extraction is usually a last resort when several dental treatments can’t save the tooth. 

  • If the tooth does not hurt, root canal treatment is not needed

Usually, when patients experience a throbbing toothache, a root canal treatment may be required. However, there are also certain cases wherein the tooth is required to have a root canal treatment, but there is no pain present. Dentists and endodontists are specially trained to see if the tooth needs to undergo a root canal treatment.

  • Root canal treatment causes illness

For years, there are some people who believed that root canal treatment causes illness. This statement is based on the long-debunked, and poorly designed research conducted a century ago. No evidence supports the claim that root canal treatments cause diseases. However, there is evidence to support the fact that people who have had root canal treatments are not anymore at risk for developing illness compared to people who have never had undergone root canal treatment.

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