Erase Teeth Stains with These Tips! – Santa Rosa, CA

Erase Teeth Stains with These Tips! – Santa Rosa, CA

Posted by Cascade admin on Jan 31 2019, 10:17 PM

You have straight teeth. No chips, nor cracks – your pearly whites are impressively seating in their appropriate places. Your smile is almost perfect – except for the yellow pigments that are settling on the surfaces of your teeth. Are they stains from the glasses of red wine that you consumed these past few nights? It seems that your smile needs a handful of help. We at Cascade Family Dental got you! We offer professional teeth whitening using the Opalescence whitening brand.

Get Rid of Stains With Opalescence!

We cannot stress how a pleasant smile is so important in a person’s life. If you notice, almost all the women who won in every beauty contest owns a beautiful set of pearly whites. Job seekers, salespersons, and flight attendants probably find smiling the best lucky charm. With that, there is no way that one should compromise the look of their smiles.

When it comes to teeth whitening, trust us at Cascade Family Dental! We aim to provide the best dental care services to patients. We believe that through our Opalescence Whitening System, they can get the smile shades that they desire. This type of teeth bleaching brand is proven safe, effective, and long-lasting. But this is not only for those who wanted to get a white smile; Opalescence products contain desensitizing properties which are suitable to those with sensitive teeth.

As for the result, Opalescence will let you embrace a brighter smile for years. But this is only true if you observe the right aftercare. After receiving a whitening treatment with us at Cascade Family Dental, make sure to follow these tips!

  • Quench plain water

Are you a fan of chocolate drinks, coffee, tea, or red wine? We are pretty sure that you already understand the consequences of taking these beverages. Yet, we will not tell you to get away from your favorite drinks. However, we suggest chasing these liquids with plain water to prevent the penetration of the pigments.

  • Choose your snack wisely

Now that you already achieved a white smile load up some snacks that can whiten the teeth naturally. You can try munching slices of strawberries or crunchy apples and celery to polish your pearly whites.

  • Good dental hygiene is a must

You are not immune to hearing this, are you? Practicing proper oral hygiene at home is highly essential to keep the teeth white, bright, and healthy. Brush the teeth twice in a gentle motion. Follow it up with flossing and mouth rinsing for a thorough clean.

Do you have a problem with the shades of your teeth? See us at Cascade Family Dental now! Avail of our Teeth Whitening in Santa Rosa, CA. You may visit us at 925 Corporate Center Pkwy., Suite-G, Santa Rosa, CA 95407.

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