Why Are the Gums Essential to Oral Health?

Why Are the Gums Essential to Oral Health?

Posted by Cascade admin on Aug 14 2019, 10:56 PM

When it comes to taking care of one’s oral wellness, most people think that keeping the teeth clean is enough. What they don’t know is, to achieve sound dental health, keeping all the oral structures in shape is essential.

Contrary to what most people believe, cavities are not the leading cause of tooth loss for adults; it is actually gum disease. That said, despite the health of the teeth, if the gums are not cared for, the pearly whites can still be lost. The culprit? Gum disease. Whether the condition is referred to as periodontal disease or periodontitis, one thing is for sure; it is not something that can be ignored.

Gum disease affects the mouth, but it is not confined there. Know that the said condition is associated with several general health threats as well. So, for our patients at Cascade Family Dental to know more about the devastating disease, here are some pieces of information we prepared.

How does Gum Disease start?

The mouth consists of complex ecosystems of bacteria that compete for space like the ones in the gut. If these species are kept in balance, the gums are protected against disease-causing bacteria. However, if the said balance breaks, it can lead to the development of gum disease.

Aside from disease-causing bacteria, the inflammation caused by the same species is also a factor that destroys the tissue. Disease-causing bacteria can prompt the body’s immune system response, which is to dispatch the white blood cells to eliminate bacteria. However, these may also lead to gum tissue damage.

The Effects of Gum Disease

Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontal disease which leads to swelling of the gums. If left untreated, it can progress to advanced periodontitis that destroys the jaw bone. Once the said supporting oral structure is compromised, tooth loss is more likely to occur.

It has been found that people who have gum disease are at higher risk of complications like chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and even pregnancy complications. Although it is still unsure if gum disease leads to health problems, it would seem as though the inflammation involved is the link to all these conditions.

At our practice, people suffering from gum disease are assured that the services we offer include scaling and root planing, dental crown lengthening, gingivectomy, root surface debridement, pocket reduction, as well as bone grafting. With all these, everyone is sure to get the top-quality periodontal treatment they need and deserve!

If you experience early signs of periodontal disease, like the sudden bleeding of gums, bad breath, or loose teeth, contact our office at Cascade Family Dental for Gum Disease Treatment in Santa Rosa, CA. You may book your appointment by calling or visiting us at 925 Corporate Center Pkwy., Suite-G, Santa Rosa, CA 95407.

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