Dentures are prosthetic teeth used to replace multiple missing natural teeth. They are made from a combination of ceramic and gum-colored acrylic, making them not only look like natural teeth but also function like them. They effectively restore oral functions, such as biting, chewing, phonetics, etc.

How Are Dentures Fabricated?

At the initial consultation, we will conduct a thorough diagnosis to see if you will need to wear dentures. In case there are existing natural teeth that are damaged, severely decayed, or root canal infected, we will have them extracted completely and they will need to be replaced by dentures. Oral x-rays and scans will be taken to serve as a reference for fabricating the dentures. They also give the dentist a better view of the underlying jawbone.

Next, our team will send the data from the scans and x-rays to a dental laboratory, where the prostheses will be fabricated in a couple of weeks. During this time, we may give you temporary dentures to maintain ideal facial aesthetics and for temporary use. Once the dentures are fabricated and available, we will schedule a follow-up appointment and hand them to you. We will place them in your mouth, check if it fits suitably, and determine whether you're comfortable or not while using them. If you feel the dentures need a change in fit, we will alter them to give you perfectly fitting dentures.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Dentures need not always replace every single tooth in the mouth. They can be fabricated in a partial form to replace only the required set of teeth. Such prostheses are called partial dentures and are fabricated in the same way as conventional dentures. They are held together by a metal framework, which offers the necessary stability and keeps the restoration from getting deformed. Partial dentures can be removed, just like complete dentures. And when placed in the mouth, the prosthetic teeth sit adjacent to the existing natural teeth to give you a complete smile.

What Are the Advantages of Dentures?

  • Dentures restore oral functionality and aesthetics.
  • They are removable prosthetics.
  • They are custom-fabricated according to the requirement and facial shape of the patient.
  • They can be fabricated either in a complete or partial form.
  • They restore the facial profile by making the jaws and cheeks look fuller.
  • They are quite long-lasting provided you care for them well.

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